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16 Dec

Buying a pre owned home


Posted by: Carie and Tammy Harmony Mortgage Group

Wouldn’t you love to buy an older home but be able to pick your own kitchen and fixtures and even the paint color on the walls???  Buying new is great because you get to pick your own colors and specifics.   But we know a way that you could save the cost of buying new and still have the option to make it what you want……..  It’s called Purchase plus improvements and it is quickly becoming an option to help clients get exactly what they want out of a used property.

How can purchase plus improvements help you?  Whether you are buying a home for yourself, as an investment, or you are a realtor and are looking for creative ways to help sell that property.  The Purchase plus improvements program can help.  It is often overlooked as an option, however if you are a buyer or a realtor this is a tool you can add to your belt.

Many people are able to look past the visible eye sores and see a final product that will be a worthy investment.  How it works is as simple as it’s title.  You are buying the home and mortgaging the improvements in with the purchase price. 

It is as simple as getting estimates for what you would like to do, submitting to the lender for review then once the improvements are complete you receive a cheque from the notary in the amount of the improvements.  Some lenders will even allow you to do the improvements yourself and receive the estimated $$$ for the improvements.  This can be a significant benefit for someone in the industry or simply someone who is handy on the reno scene.

This is not for everyone when doing a large scale reno however some lenders allow what’s called sweat equity, or “paying yourself to do the work”.  This could help those of you who are motivated and trained to do some or all of the work yourself.  And in turn helping to pay the cost of the improvements. 

We are here to help you find solutions like these to either help sell your current home or to make the home you are interested in but just needs some tweaking exactly what you want.